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NoHoper - Prologue

Tentative Title: No-Hoper

Full Summary: Merely a test-subject and researcher for the anti-Vampyre drug Denyxinil, a No-Hoper in the grand scheme, all that changes when he is Marked and forced to live among those he despises most. No identified pairings so far, takes place somewhere around a canon-changed ‘Untamed’. Expect pride and a lot of prejudice.

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor do I own the House of Night series, or the various mentions to various other products of modern and post-modern Western culture. Let me warn you that, while I’m sure the Casts’ way of doing things works very well for them, I took the liberty to take what I hated about the series’ narration and change it to suit my tastes. So, the teenage idiocy has been reduced, the homosexual-stereotypes-based-on-media-projections have been veritalised, and the inability for narrators to concentrate on their jobs and not do ADD-induced ‘hee hee’s has been cured. Deal with it. I saw my chance and took it for the sake of Fanfiction. Do what you like, just don’t tell the Cast duo (Kristen may be fired and have to deal with the shame of having me replace her).

But I digress. Just read, don’t hurt me, and be glad this isn’t the original duo writing this.

And don’t tell them about that last part. Please.



To whomever it may concern,

Late last night, at 11PM approx., the newest improvement of the anti-vampyre drug Denyxinil was tested on one patient – the patient known here as ‘1.5.R’. The objective of the last five years was to develop the prevention to Vampyrism, and, five years on, all I can say is that we have failed. We have not progressed any further than before this vain task was undertaken. 

From this day on, we will continue to monitor this last patient, until 1.5.R’s eventual Change or death. After that, the project will be abandoned, and the last of the funds given to the local cat shelter, “Street Cats”, a charity chosen by the head assistant Dr Summers.

Inside this briefcase, you will find all the research data and samples connected to the ADON (Aversion or Destruction Of Night-children) project, along with the latest sample of Denyxinil, as tested on 1.5.R. The research will end with 1.5.R, and to this end, I leave all of it to 1.5.R, in the eventuality of the patient’s continued survival, with which to use as 1.5.R wishes. In the case of 1.5.R’s death, as human or fledgling, the research shall be left to Dr Summers, to use as she wishes.

I ask that no man dare to complete this futile goal, lest the Vampyres curse us with death for attempting to defy them, as they have us many times.

Until we meet again on the Road of Good Intentions,

Doctor G Primrose, MD


A/N: Thank you, and this is the newest story brought to you from the brain of Ruin Takada. Because I have nothing to do except judge the Coffin-Side Competition (which I ask that you enter, please), I have decided to go ahead and do this in the meantime. While a lot of this has been planned and just needs writing, I have decided to try and be regular with this one, and keep updates coming every fortnight or so from the next chapter onwards, as long as you review. It sounds so unlike me to be this organised, I know, but I do need to make this change, for everyone’s sakes.

Due to this, author notes will be kept to a minimum, if I can help it. I will focus solely on this for as long as I can, and when I run out of steam on this, expect something else good to come around the corner. As this is my first crossover with this series, don’t expect something totally brilliant, but do support it if you can, and don’t think I’ll drop the quality just because.

In short, expect a reform of character and writing. For one thing, expect chapter titles and such to be original for once. Don’t expect song title rip-offs. Expect some pop-culture references, but don’t expect great ones until later, when I get better at them. Either way, the CoffinSide writing era has sparked some changes in me, so expect a number of them.

Thanks, and please R&R,
Ruin Takada XXX



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