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I really enjoyed this chapter and in my opinion this is a very good start. I say this as it is increasigly interesting in many ways such as the continous idea of the "Blond Haired Girl". I love how this aspect continues through the chapter. Another thing i enjoy is how the tension builds up. What i mean by this are the certain aspects such as the fickering light, I think it is good how this slowly gets more intense and i think this is very clever. The "Brown Haired classmate" is a brilliant character for a whole host of reasons. These include the idea of how he is unsure of his actions. And i love the way he is described, using words such as satanic makes it fell more sinister and dark than ever. The end is very good. I say this because it makes me think. Did he know he was doing this or was something more powerful controling him. So overall a very good chapter and it makes me wonder. What Next?

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